Yuliya Smead - Violin

A headshot of a smiling woman with straight, shoulder-length hair. She holds a violin.Yuliya Smead, violin instructor, is currently Concertmaster of the Fox Valley Symphony and the Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra and was Assistant Concertmaster of the Green Bay Symphony Orchestra. She has been an adjunct violin professor and a lecturer at UW-Oshkosh since 2015.

Yuliya moved to the United States in 1999 from Ukraine. While in Ukraine, she was Concertmaster of the State Chamber Orchestra Trembita and Symphony Leopolis. Both orchestras toured extensively in Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, and Switzerland. She was a two-time winner of the Young Talents State Competition and a second prize winner of the Gitaralia competition in Poland. She appeared as a soloist with the Lviv Philharmonia Orchestra, the Symphony Leopolis in Ukraine and Belgium, the Russian Chamber Orchestra, and with the Oshkosh Symphony and Manitowoc Symphony. Yuliya played first violin with the Ensemble of Modern Music Cluster for 5 years. The ensemble performed throughout Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Holland, and Hungary.

Yuliya holds a B.A. in violin performance and pedagogy from Ternopil State College of Music and master and doctoral degrees, both cum laude, from Lysenko Lviv State Conservatory in Ukraine.