Nori Kalman - Violin

A woman with short, brown hair and glasses smiles at the camera and poses leaning with her chin in her hand.Nori Kalman, violin instructor, received a Music Baccalaureate Diploma from the Arts Conservatory, Baia-Mare, Romania and her diploma in Instrumental Music in violin, (BM) from the Academy of Music “G.Dima”, Cluj, Romania. Following the Advanced Teaching Methodology of Violin exam, she was promoted to the rank of II level degree in Romania.

In addition to her years at the Lawrence Community Music School Ms. Kalman has taught at the Conservatory of Arts, Baia-Mare, Romania, and had private studios in Madison and Oshkosh. She currently performs with Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra, the Fox Valley Symphony, and is a substitute with the Green Bay Symphony Orchestra.

She has a traditional approach in teaching violin, adjusted to each student individually. Her primary goal is to make violin studies a unique experience which will enhance one’s everyday skills, such as determination and patience.

"If more people will embrace the passion of music, the world can become a better place."
— Nori Kalman