4 photos: a student playing piano, an student smiling at the piano and a younger student smiling with her violin, a student singing while an adult plays the harp, two students playing string instruments, three older students holding awards

Student Achievements

We’re so proud of our students and all they accomplish in our programs and in the community. Congratulations, everyone!

Did you receive an award or honor? Be sure to tell your studio teacher so we can celebrate with you!

WSMA State Honors Project

Presented by the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA), the State Honors Project provides musically accomplished students an opportunity to rehearse and perform with the nation’s finest conductors in a professional, highly disciplined setting. The following Community Music School students were selected to participate in the 2021-22 honors ensembles and presented concerts in October:

  • High School Orchestra
    From the studios of Barbara Beechey, Roza Borisova, Kin Chau, Leslie Michelic, Yuliya Smead, and Larisa Topolkaraeva
    • Lubabah A.
    • Andrea B.
    • Braiden B.
    • Joseph C.
    • Oliva G.
    • Paige G.
    • Brian H.
    • Ethan H.
    • Nolan H.
    • Caroline J.
    • Payton K.
    • Kalyan K.O.
    • Kyoungmin L.
    • Leo L.
    • Elisabeth N.
    • Mehul R.
    • Carrie S.
    • Emma S.
    • Nayan S.
    • Trista S.
    • Michael T.
    • Dominic U.
    • Mihir U.
    • Cara W.
    • Ellen Z.
    • Grace Z.
  • High School Band
    From the studio of Kelley Carpenter and the Lawrence Community Wind Ensemble
    • Madeline B.
    • Aimee P.
  • High School Treble Choir
    From the studio of Larisa Topolkaraeva and the Lawrence Community Girl Choir
    • Charlotte B.
    • Umika S.
  • Middle Level Orchestra
    From the studios of Barbara Beechey, Roza Borisova, Michael Rivers, Yuliya Smead, Susan Sullivan, Larisa Topolkaraeva, Mary Van De Loo, and Catherine Walby
    • ​Sebastian B.
    • Hazel C.
    • Julia H.
    • Derek J.
    • Dana K.
    • Halle K.
    • Adrienne L.
    • Zachary L.
    • Moriah M.
    • Spencer M.
    • Brock P.
    • Talia R.
    • Jenny W.
    • Lydia Y.
    • Tim Z.