2022 Senior Showcase

Congratulations to our senior students who will be graduating this spring! Our Student Spotlight page has been turned into a Senior Showcase to celebrate their achievements as we send them off on their next adventure. 

We are grateful to have been part of your musical journey and wish you the best!

GRADUATING SENIORS: Fill out our online form to participate in the showcase.


A student wearing glasses smiles and leans up against a wall covered in vines.

Chelsea P.

Girl Choir (10 years)
Musical Achievements

WCDA All-State Treble Choir 2022

Future Plans

Studying computer science at UW-Madison

A student with curly hair and a short beard wears a tuxedo and sits on a chair adopt a building. He holds his cello and bow.

Dominic U.

ASTRO/LYSO (2 years)
Chamber Ensembles (2 years)
Cello Student of Roza Borisova (8 years)
Piano Student of Michael Rivers (2 years)
Musical Achievements

WSMA District Solo & Ensemble - I* rating (Cello, 2019-2022)
WSMA State Solo & Ensemble - I rating (Cello, 2019-2021, 2022 tbd)
Nominee for WSMA Exemplary Performance Award (Cello, April 2019)
WSMA Middle Level State Honors Orchestra (Cello, 2018)
WSMA Senior Level State Honors Orchestra (Cello, 2021)
LCMS Honors Recital Performer (Cello, 2016)
Appleton North Honors Orchestra (Cello, 2018-2022)
Passed ABRSM Grade 1 piano test with Distinction (2019)

Future Plans

Mathematics major at UW-Madison

A student with wavy blond hair wears a black dress and sites outside on a staircase, smiling at the camera.

Abbey B.

Girl Choir (9 years)
Future Plans

Studying to become an elementary school teacher

A close-up of a student with pulled-back, black hair smiling at the camera and playing her violin.

Georgina M.

Violin Student of Nori Kalman (4.5 years)

Future Plans

Astrophysics major at UW-Madison, then pursuing PhD

A student with long, blonde hair wears a dress and smiles at the camera. She is holding a colorful bouquet in front of a field of flowers.

Charlotte B.

Girl Choir (10 years)
Piano Student of Larisa Topolkaraeva (14 years)

Musical Achievements

WMTA State Competition Winner (x2)
LCMS Honors Recital Performer (x2)
WSMA Honors Choir (3 years)
University of Michigan Summer Voice Institute
St. Olaf College Voice Scholarship

Future Plans

Studying vocal performance and music education at St. Olaf College

A student with short, black hair wearing a red button up and black pants plays a baby grand piano.

Andrew H.

Piano Student of Larisa Topolkaraeva (4 years)
Viola Student of Barbara Beechey (4 years)

Musical Achievements

Badger Keyboard State Competition - Honorable Mention (2021)
WSMA State Orchestra (2019)

Future Plans

Studying neuroscience at Northwestern University

A smiling student wearing a dress stands outside, holding a viola and bow in one hand. Her other hand rests on a rock wall.

Paige G.

Violin & Viola Student of Kin Chau (11 years)

Musical Achievements

WSMA Middle & High School Honors Orchestra (6 years)
Fox Valley Youth Orchestra - Principal Violist
Wisconsin State Solo & Ensemble Festival - Violin and Viola Solos

Future Plans

Studying human & organizational development and mathematics at Vanderbilt University

A headshot of a smiling student wearing glasses, her hair blowing gently in the wind. She leans up against a colorful, painted brick wall.

Nola M.

Girl Choir (10 years)
Voice Student of Keira Jett (4 years)

Musical Achievements

State Solo & Ensemble (x2)

Future Plans

Music education major and art minor at UW Stevens Point

A student with long, brown hair sits outside on stone steps, smiling and holding a saxophone. A saxophone and flute are displayed on a stand in front of her.

Madeline B.

Alto Saxophone Student of Kelley Carpenter (6 years)

Musical Achievements

WSMA District Solo & Ensemble: 50+ I* ratings in 6 instruments.
WSMA State Solo & Ensemble: 50+ I ratings in 6 instruments.
WSMA State Solo & Ensemble: piano duet exemplary performance nomination.
Wisconsin State Honors Band: First chair Flute 1 for two years.
Stars of Tomorrow Milwaukee Symphony: Honorable Mention.

Future Plans

Studying biology and pre-chiropractic at St. Norbert College

A student wearing a black dress smiles and poses between two columns in front of a large white door. She holds a french horn.

Aimee P.

Symphonic Band (2 years)
Wind Ensemble (4 years)

Musical Achievements

Outstanding Musician 2018
Golden Throat Award 2021
Band Letter 2021
FVYSO Conductor's Award 2022

Future Plans

Studying pre-physical therapy and music at Carroll University

A student with long red hair and glasses stands outdoors, smiling and posing for the camera with a hand on her hip.

Bailey B.

Girl Choir (10 years)

Musical Achievements

State Solo and Ensemble finalist
PAC Chairman’s Gala

Future Plans

Studying business and finance at UW-Whitewater

A student with long, brown hair sits outside on some rocks, some foliage and a body of water behind her.

Alyssa V.

Girl Choir (10 years)

Musical Achievements

Busch Vocal Music Award Nominee

Future Plans

Studying dietary science and wellness at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln

A smiling student with short black hair leans up against a white column at the Lawrence Chapel, wearing a blazer and holding a violin.

Maya R.

Chamber Odyssey - 5 years(?)
ASTRO/LYSO (2 years)
Girl Choir (10 years)
Violin/Viola Student of Kin Chau (12 years)
Piano Lessons with Michael Rivers (6 years)
Summer Musical Theater Workshop

Future Plans

Studying biochemistry and Spanish at Gustavus Adolphus College

A close-up of a smiling student with short, wavy hair. She is wearing glasses and a silver necklace.

Danika T.

Girl Choir (8 years)

Future Plans

Studying at UW-Eau Claire