Girl Choir History

The Girl Choir logo. The G is stylized to look like a treble clef.January 1991

The Lawrence Community Girl Choir was founded for girls in fourth through sixth grades.

September 1991

A training choir for fourth grade girls was added, creating a sequential Girl Choir program.  The original choir expanded to include girls in fifth through seventh grades.

September 1997

Due to the large number of girls who wished to participate, the program expanded in both directions with the addition of Primo (then grades three and four) and Cantabile (then grades seven through nine).

September 1999

The eldest Cantabile singers couldn’t bear to leave the program after ninth grade and thus became the founding members of Bel Canto, a choir for high school girls.

September 2007

After waiting several years to fulfill the dream of offering a non-auditioned choir, the program was able to secure additional rehearsal space. Ragazze, a non-auditioned training choir, was born.

March 2011

The Girl Choir program celebrated its twentieth anniversary and featured alumnae in the combined choirs' finale.

September 2013

After attempting a variety of rehearsal structures to accommodate Intermezzo, the largest choir (70 - 80 singers), an additional choir was added.  Intermezzo was replaced with two choirs: Capriccio and Arioso.

March 2016

The Girl Choir Program celebrated its 25th birthday with more than 100 alumnae from around the United States in attendance.  The Girl Choir Empowerment Fund was established to help support student scholarships for singers of limited financial means.  Click here to donate.

Girl choir alums smile on the risers at the 25th Girl Choir anniversary. Karen Bruno and Cheryl Meyer stand in front holding a plaque to commemorate the event.