Fees and Payments

Registration Fee

Each Community Music School student is charged a $19 non-refundable registration fee that covers all Community Music School programs for the academic year.  For instance, if a student takes piano lessons but later adds theory or gamelan a second (or third) registration fee will not apply.

Class and Ensemble Fees

Fees for Community Music School classes and ensembles are listed with program descriptions.

Private Music Lesson Fees

The Community Music School has three categories of music teachers and corresponding lesson fees. Most teachers who teach through the Community Music School, however, are considered Community Music School teachers. Most Community Music School teachers hold advanced degrees, certificates, or diplomas in music education or pedagogy.  In addition to teaching, many maintain active performance careers.

Lawrence University Conservatory of Music faculty members teach, by audition only, a small number of highly motivated and accomplished students.

A small number of conservatory students offer private lessons and are supervised by the Community Music School. Student teachers are recommended by conservatory faculty and have successfully completed a rigorous pedagogy class.  A limited number of student teacher placements are available annually.

2020-21 Lesson Rates (Fall 2020-Summer 2021)
Community Music School Teacher 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
Price per lesson $29.50 $42.25 $55.00
Typical 16-week semester $472.00 $676.00 $880.00


2021-22 Lesson Rates (Fall 2021-Summer 2022)
Community Music School Teacher 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
Price per lesson $30.00 $43.00 $56.00
Typical 16-week semester $480.00 $688.00 $896.00

The annual, non-refundable registration fee of $19 per student must be received with the first tuition payment in the fall. All students enrolling in the fall semester are registered for the full school year and will be billed for the second semester in January. Lessons are billed by semester and payable in advance of the semester, or in installments with an $12 per semester fee. 

Financial Assistance

Need-based scholarships are available for all Community Music School programs during the academic year. We are unable to offer financial aid for summer programming, including summer lessons, camps and workshops, etc. Click the button below for more information and to download our financial aid application.

Financial Assistance

Payment Schedule

Payment is due, in advance of each session of lessons or classes, by cash or check made payable to the Lawrence Community Music School. We also accept VISA and MasterCard.

  • Your canceled check or credit card statement is your receipt.  Returning students will receive their bills via our online bill payment system.
  • A $19 registration fee is due for each Community Music School student on August 20th.  Students will not be permitted to attend lessons or classes until tuition and registration fee have been paid.
  • An installment payment plan for private lessons or ensembles is available by request at the time of registration for an $12 per semester surcharge. Please note that the Community Music School does not store your credit card information, and installments will not be automatically paid.
Full Year Programs*  
August 20 25% due
September 20 25% due
October 20 25% due
November 20 balance due
Fall Semester  
August 20 25% due
September 20 25% due
October 20 25% due
November 20 balance due
Spring Semester  
January 20 25% due
February 20 25% due
March 20 25% due
April 20 balance due


  • A $20 late fee will be added if payments are received after the scheduled due date.
  • Tuition refunds for private lessons will be considered only when the student withdraws before the halfway point of the semester. There is a charge for one additional lesson. The registration fee is not refundable.
  • Students who enroll in ensembles or classes and then discontinue are not issued a refund or credit.
  • Summer lessons must be prepaid before scheduling. There will be no refunds or make-ups for missed summer lessons.