Instructor Dewa crouches on the ground in front of a young child, showing him how to play a Balinese drum.

Balinese Gamelan


Mursell House, Lawrence University
422 E. Washington St, Appleton

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The term "gamelan" refers to an ensemble of traditional percussion-keyed instruments, including gongs, drums, metallophones, and bamboo flutes from Indonesia. The music is taught by rote and committed directly to memory, allowing for a high degree of interaction between musicians. Our gamelan classes offer students a unique opportunity to learn about another culture through music; no prior musical experience is necessary

May 2019 Gamelan Sekar Kemuda Performance


Gamelan Sekar Kemuda

(ages 12-adult)
The inter-generational gamelan ensemble is based on the multi-generational village gamelan model in Bali. The name Gamelan Sekar Kemuda means "Gamelan of the Lotus Flower" and symbolizes the symmetrical beauty of the lotus flower created when members of a community come together with one, shared goal of making music.



Fall Semester - Paired Lessons

This fall, we are excited to offer gamelan in the form of small group lessons! Registered students will be grouped in pairs and attend lessons with their partner. Lessons will consist of both individualized instruction and the opportunity for partners to work together to practice gamelan’s signature, interlocking parts.

  • 12 weeks between September 13-December 6*
    • two 30-minute shared lessons per week (24 total)

*Instructor Dewa will reach out to confirm the finalized schedule.

  • ages 12-adult, no musical experience necessary

Safety Precautions:
  • Based on safety requirements regarding airflow and social distancing, the university has determined that two students and an instructor may safely rehearse in the gamelan room at the same time.
  • Everyone in the room will be required to wear a mask and maintain a six-foot distance from others at all times.
  • Each student will receive mallets that they will take home and bring to each rehearsal.
  • The instruments will be sanitized between each rehearsal.
  • Students should not attend an in-person lesson/rehearsal or enter a Lawrence building if they have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus or while they are experiencing respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, or fatigue.


Registration is closed for the fall session.

Children's Gamelan (ages 5-11) has been put on hold.
Please fill out our interest form to receive information on future sessions.

an elderly woman hits the gong with a mallet; a smiling teacher talks to the class of children and parents/guardians; a gamelan performance featuring drummers and a man dressed in traditional clothing and a mask; teenage students practicing gamelan