A student with a tuba and his instructor sit behind a music stand. His instructor speaks and points at the score.Private Instruction

Available from youth through adulthood

Private lesson study is the largest component of the Community Music School's programming. The relationship with a caring, professional instructor combined with a commitment to regular practice enables each student to acquire the technical and musical skills necessary for mastery of an instrument. All students are encouraged to supplement the private lesson experience with theory lessons and ensemble classes to broaden their musical understanding.

Registration and Billing

New students may register for private instruction at any time during the year. Placement will depend upon teacher availability. Tuition for private lessons is prorated when not beginning at the start of the semester.

Summer lessons are based upon teacher availability. They must be prepaid through the Community Music School office and scheduled with the individual studio teacher. There are no refunds.

Click here for additional information on the registration process, billing, and online payment.

To begin the placement and registration process:

Please click the button below to fill out our interest form. You will be contacted by the Community Music School office. If no teacher is available, you will be placed on a waiting list and contacted when an opening occurs.

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Please note that registration in an Community Music School program indicates understanding and acceptance of our guidelines.

Private Lesson Instrumentation

Lessons are available on piano, strings, winds, percussion, and voice. Below is a complete list of instruments. Click on an instrument to view instructor biographies. 

About Instrumental Instruction

Students are expected to have access to an instrument they can practice with during the week. Instrumental students attend a weekly private lesson. Piano and string students also meet three times a semester for a group class that will be substituted for a private lesson. The group class may include informal student performances, topics in musicianship, duets, or chamber music or music theory. There will be no more than six students in each group lesson. Makeups for group lessons are not given, nor are private lessons substituted for group lessons.

About Voice Instruction

Private voice instruction is not recommended until singers are in high school or, in rare cases, middle school based on vocal development. Young singers are encouraged to enroll in the Community Music School's Girl Choir, school choir, or other community children's choirs. Students enrolled in private voice instruction may also receive group class in lieu of a private lesson approximately three times per semester. The group class allows for student performances as well as supplemental material relevant to all singers in the class.

Private Lesson Fees

The Community Music School has three categories of music teachers and corresponding lesson fees: 

  • Community Music School teachers number approximately 50; most of them hold advanced degrees, certificates, or diplomas in music education or pedagogy. 
  • Lawrence University Conservatory of Music faculty members teach, by audition only, a small number of highly motivated and accomplished students. 
  • A limited number of Conservatory students offer private lessons and are supervised by the Community Music School. Student teachers are recommended by Conservatory faculty and have successfully completed a rigorous pedagogy class. 


2021-22 Lesson Rates (Fall 2021-Summer 2022)
Community Music School Teacher 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
Price per lesson $30.00 $43.00 $56.00
Typical 16-week semester $480.00 $688.00 $896.00


Financial Assistance

Need-based scholarships are available for all Community Music School lessons and programs with the exception of summer programming. Please click here for more information.

Four photos: a teacher and adult student playing saxophones in a lesson, two young students playing the piano and smiling, a teacher with her hand on a singer's stomach talking about breath support, an elderly student playing trombone