A student in an orange striped shirt playing a guiro and a student in a red striped shirt playing the tambourine.

Special Needs Music Classes

Instructor: Sara Devine
Location: 250 Metro Drive, Appleton WI 54913 Online via Zoom

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Music-making is the most human of experiences. It is a natural tool of expression that requires no extraordinary talent to experience and enjoy. For those with special needs, being immersed in a music enrichment class is a joyful and potentially transformative experience. The Lawrence Community Music School offers special needs classes that are designed to facilitate socialization and communication, motivate interaction, improve social skills, andmost importantlyprovide students the opportunity to have fun through the use of different music techniques and activities. Classes are taught by Sara Devine, board-certified music therapist. Please email sara@expressivetherapies.net with specific questions about the curriculum or with information about a participant's special needs.

Parents/guardians of children aged 1-4 with special needs:

Please call our office to discuss our Early Childhood Music program: 920-993-6278

The Community Music School is an IRIS program service provider.


  • Music Enrichment for Youth with Special Needs (Age 5–Teen)

    Classes offer children with special needs the opportunity to participate in musical activities that focus on interaction and socialization skills as well as fine and gross motor skills. Finger plays, songs, playing instruments, and movement enhance your child’s development with special attention to individual needs. Mobility needs accommodated. Classes are grouped by age. 

    Class Enrollment: minimum 3 students, maximum 5 students


  • Music Enrichment for Adults with Special Needs (Ages 20 and older)

    Adults with special needs often seek an identity and validation; one of the ways to accomplish this is through musical expression. Classes for individuals 20 years of age and older provide opportunities for socialization, interaction and the use of music for self-expression. Through the use of singing, playing different instruments, movement to music, and working together as a group ensemble, participants gain confidence, improve self-esteem, and have fun utilizing music as the tool. Mobility needs accommodated.

    Class Enrollment: minimum 3 students, maximum 5 students

2021 Spring Semester: Online Session

  • 10 weeks between January 11 and March 22

(The instructor will reach out with the finalized schedule.)

Class Times:
  • Mondays:
    • 5:00–5:30 p.m. (Adults)
  • Wednesday:
    • 4:15–4:45p.m. (5–12 years)
    • 5:45–6:15 p.m. (Teens)

$156 + $19 annual registration fee

Registration is closed for this session. 

If you would like to receive information on future sessions, please click here to fill out our interest form.

Four photos: a smiling student sitting in a wheelchair playin  a drum,  students an the teacher posing with shakers, a  student smiling and shaking a tambourine, students and their caregivers playing a drum with mallets