Con Vivo [cohn VEE-voh] sings advanced repertoire through which members celebrate the unique power and beauty of treble voices and build a caring community. As the adult extension of the Girl Choir program, Con Vivo honors the lives and experiences of women while exploring high-quality treble repertoire with a diversity of sound, style, and language. The ensemble strives to perform with artistic excellence and connection, rehearsing weekly and concluding each semester with performances in the combined Girl Choir concert at the Lawrence Memorial Chapel.

  • Open to all adults who can sing treble repertoire (in tune and fluidly functional within the typical alto or soprano choral range; at least half of the notes from G3-G5). 
  • There is no audition for this ensemble.

"For ninety minutes each week, I relish the opportunity to sing a wide variety of music with some incredibly talented and passionate musicians who have become like family. I love turning my cell phone off, being away from email, and leaving any stressors behind. I am challenged, inspired, and in awe each week at our rehearsals!" 

Con Vivo singer

2024-25 Season

  • Rehearsals: Thursdays, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
  • Cost: $199 (per semester) + $19 annual registration fee
  • Staff: Christina Conn (teacher-conductor), Vesna Vukotic (pianist)
  • Location: First English Lutheran Church - Choir Room
  • Singers: please see your choir's Google Classroom for all other information.

Fall 2024 Semester

Concert tickets available through the Lawrence Box Office.

Spring 2025 Semester