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Four Allegretto singers wearing concert uniform dresses smile and pose with their arms around each other

Girl Choir Auditions: 2021-22 Season

Eligibility: students entering grades 3-12 who identify as female

We look forward to sharing the 2021-22 season of Girl Choir with the young musicians in our community! We are planning a return to in-person singing that aligns with health and safety guidelines for all ages; please visit our COVID-19 Protocol page for the most current safety information for the 2021-22 academic year. Singers are encouraged to reserve their audition time now if they are considering joining us next year; there is no cost to audition, and it does not commit them to the program.

Audition requests are open!

To reserve your audition, please fill out our online form
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Click through the headings below for more information.

  • There is no cost to audition.
  • Singers are asked to audition only if they are willing to make a commitment to the Girl Choir for the entire academic year.
    • Please discuss, as a family, whether or not weekly Girl Choir rehearsals fit your schedule before requesting an audition. Choirs meet for rehearsal one day every week, September-December and January-March. 
  • Singers are expected to participate in a curricular (during the school day, for credit) performing musical ensemble when available; Girl Choir should not substitute for curricular music programs.
  • Once your audition is scheduled, no changes will be allowed.
  • For more information on Girl Choir teaching philosophy and placement, please click here.
Please note that registration in a Community Music School program indicates understanding and acceptance of our guidelines.
Choirs & Schedule
  • Students currently enrolled in Girl Choir will be sent a recommendation from the Community Music School letting them know for which choir they will audition. 
  • Students new to the program should audition for the choir that reflects the grade in which they will be in the fall, per the table below.
Choir Grade Audition Dates*
Primo 3 or 4 July 10 and 12
Allegretto 5 July 10 and 12
Capriccio and Arioso 6, 7, or 8 July 9 and 12
Cantabile 9 or 10 July 11 and 13
Bel Canto

11 or 12

July 10 and 11

Click the choir names above for more information, including curriculum notes and rehearsal times.

*Due to the unusual circumstances this year, there will be an additional audition opportunities on August 14. Interested students are invited to sign up via our online form.

All auditions will take place, masked and distanced, in Shattuck Hall at the Lawrence Conservatory of Music.


Audition Requirements
Day of Audition
  • Please dress comfortably. It is not necessary to dress up for the audition.
  • If a singer has allergies or a slight cold, please come to the audition anyway.  Unless she is feverish or experiencing nausea, plan to attend the audition. The teacher-conductors who hear the auditions can assess in most cases of congestion or illness.
  • Following our COVID-19 safety protocol, only (masked) students will be allowed into the building; parents/guardians and other family members must wait outside. Community Music School staff will be available to help guide the singer to and from the correct room.
  • Complete audition requirements can be found here. During the audition, teacher-conductors will give singers their starting note for the following pieces. Click the links below to hear the starting notes to practice:


Tuition & Financial Assistance

There is no cost to audition for Girl Choir. Should your student be offered a spot in the program, tuition assistance is available to families who demonstrate financial need; click here for more information.

In addition to the tuition prices below, there is a $19 annual registration fee for all Community Music School programs.

  • Primo: $248
  • Allegretto: $310
  • Capriccio: $310
  • Arioso: $370
  • Cantabile: $495
  • Bel Canto: $495



Allegretto singers singing at a concert; Ragazze singers hugging each other and smiling at the camera; Bel Canto singers singing at a concert while smiling and interacting with one another