Capriccio students singing onstage during a concert. They wear red, short-sleeved blouses and black, knee-length skirts with black pantyhose.

Capriccio Girl Choir (Grades 5-7, auditioned)


Toni Weijola, teacher-conductor


Virtual rehearsals via Google Meet
Einstein Middle School, Choir Room

Rehearsals: Mondays, 5:30–6:30 p.m

September 21–December 14
January 11–March 22

The Capriccio (ca-PREE-chee-oh) curriculum strengthens rhythmic and melodic reading skills and teaches healthy vocal production through the beginning stages of the voice change. Singers perform repertoire in unison, two, and three parts. Capriccio performs on both the fall and spring Girl Choir concerts in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel; singers may have the opportunity to participate in one additional community performance or event.

Students registered for Community Music School ensembles are also expected to participate in a curricular (during the school day, for credit) performing musical ensemble when available; Capriccio should not substitute for curricular music programs.

2020-21 Season

Due to what we know about the virus and its spread through orally-emitted aerosols, it's clear that we cannot begin the year safely with in-person choral instruction. Girl Choir teacher-conductors have been hard at work creating a plan that will allow us to begin the year with an online experience and easily pivot to in-person rehearsals as soon as it is safe to do so.

We are excited to announce that Capriccio and Arioso singers will have the opportunity to do a song-writing workshop with renowned composer Jim Papoulis. Mr. Papoulis will lead a workshop with our singers, collect their thoughts and musical ideas, and then compose a song based on the workshop. Singers will then learn the song and it will be mixed into a "virtual choir" experience. We are excited to provide this unique opportunity during an unusual year of choral instruction.


Audition requests are closed for the 2020-21 season. Please fill out our interest form to receive audition information in the spring for the upcoming season.

Tuition assistance is available to families who demonstrate financial need.


Policies and Required Materials

Registration in a Community Music School program indicates your understanding and acceptance of our guidelines. In addition to the guidelines, please click through the subjects below to read about Girl Choir-specific policies and required materials.

Girl Choir Handbook
The 2020-21 Girl Choir handbook will be mailed to registered families and linked to the website. Please refer to the Girl Choir handbook for a comprehensive list of guidelines.
Google Classroom
Registered families will receive an email with an invite link and instructions on how to join and use their ensemble's Google Classroom. Your choir’s teacher-conductor and the Community Music School program & marketing assistant will post resources, references, and announcements in the Classroom. Families are responsible for checking their email and Classroom for up-to-date choir information. Older singers are responsible for checking their Classroom for weekly homework assignments; your teacher-conductor will communicate their expectations regarding homework at the first rehearsal.

Click here to view general Classroom instructions.

Electronics Policy
Cell phones, iPods, electronic readers, and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited during ensemble rehearsals and backstage during concerts. If a family emergency takes place during a rehearsal or concert, please contact the ensemble manager.
Concert Uniform
  • A red top and black skirt are provided by the Community Music School. Tops and skirts are Community Music School property and must be returned washed and in good condition at the end of the season. Please do not alter the tops. There will be a fee assessed for the cost to repair or replace a damaged uniform. 
  • Each Capriccio singer will need to provide their own black pantyhose and black close-toed, flat-heeled dress shoes.
  • Singers should not wear jewelry on performance days. This includes necklaces, bracelets, watches, or earrings that extend below the lobe (post-style earrings are acceptable.) Singers who arrive wearing jewelry will be asked to remove it; the Girl Choir program cannot be responsible for lost or misplaced items.
  • Hair must be a natural color, or sprayed a natural color, for performance. Singers with longer hair should pull or pin hair back so that it does not obscure their face while on stage. Hair accessories should be small and the color of the hair.
Choir Materials
  • Capriccio singers must bring a three-ring binder and two sharpened pencils to every rehearsal.
  • Music is the property of the Community Music School. At the end of each semester, there will be a $3 fee assessed per each piece of lost or damaged music.
  • Singers new to the program will receive a tote bag that becomes theirs.
  • Additional or replacement bags can be purchased through the Community Music School office for $10 plus tax.


Three photos: a closeup of three Capriccio students singing, two students talking and laughing backstage, Capriccio students singing during a concert. The Girl Choir logo follows, the "C" stylized to look like a treble clef.